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Preparing your laboratory

Webinar Series: Best practices for shutting down, maintaining and returning to your lab

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus spread has affected lab operations around the world. Labs have been completely or partially shutdown, while others have moved to continuous 24-hour operation to support critical business requirements.

As the crisis alleviates, labs that have been affected will need to bring operations back online quickly and efficiently. Agilent is here to support you as you navigate through this process. Throughout the webinar series below, lab experts will share their knowledge to help you get your best results

Returning to the lab after an unexpected shutdown:

In this webinar series, we will cover how to restart and even improve your lab operations. Topics include instrumentation restart procedures, helpful service items, support topics, and discussions on improving operational efficiency and capacity.

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Title Date Presenter
  • Melissa Zeier, Applications Expert, Lab Productivity Solutions;
  • Diane Amato, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt;
  • John Murray, Enterprise Project Manager
  • Nicole Hart, Business Development Manager;
  • Tim Neeson, Transactional Business Enablement Specialist;
  • Mike Napier, Program Manager
  • Paul Altiero Agilent Consumables Application Engineer;
    Mark Sinnott Agilent Consumables Application Engineer
  • Eric Fausett, Application Scientist; Behrang Mahjoub, Regional Systems specialist- GC;
  • Paul Salverda, Regional Systems Specialist- GC/MS
  • Sue D’Antonio-Applications Scientist
  • Nik Lau- Applications Scientist
  • David Weil-Applications Engineer
  • April Holcomb- Regional Systems Specialist- LC/QToF
  • Gerry Alexis- Regional Systems Specialist- LC/QQQ
  • Craig Jones – Applications Scientist
  • Sima Singha-Applications Scientist
  • Kenda Evans Agilent Automation Product Specialist;
    Steve Lozano Agilent Automation Application Engineer

Maintaining lab operations in extraordinary times:

In this webinar series, we will cover helpful service items, support topics, and proactive steps you should consider in maintaining and servicing critical instrumentation through these extraordinary times.

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Title Date Presenter
  • Shannon Coleman, Applications Scientist;
  • Behrang Mahjoub, Regional System Specialist- GC
  • Rachael Ciotti, Agilent Applications Scientist;
  • Paul Salverda, Agilent Regional System Specialist
  • Sue D'Antonio, HPLC Applications Scientist;
  • Nik Lau, LC/MSD Applications Scientist
  • David Weil, Senior Applications Scientist;
  • Gerry Alexis, Regional System Specialist- LC/QQQ
  • April Holcomb, Regional System Specialist- LC/QTOF
  • Paul Krampitz, ICP-MS Applications Scientist;
  • Ana Garcia-Gonzalez, ICP-MS Applications Scientist

Preparing your lab for an unexpected shutdown::

In this webinar series, we will cover how to prepare your lab for a potential closure and to properly shut down instrumentation, so that they are ready to run as soon as the lab starts up again. While the focus will be on Agilent equipment, we will cover many best practices across the analytical industry.

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Title Date Presenter
  • Kirk Lokits, GC/GCMS Applications Scientist;
  • Eric Fausett, GC/GCMS Applications Scientist;
  • Behrang Mahjoub, Regional System Specialist- GC;
  • Paul Salverda, Regional System Specialist- GC/MS
  • Sue D'Antonio, LC Applications Chemist;
  • David Weil, Senior Agilent Applications Scientist
  • Craig Jones, ICP-MS Applications Scientist;
  • Sima Singha, ICP-OES Applications Scientist

Can't Attend?

If you can't join us for the live presentations, the Webinars will be available on-demand shortly after the events are completed.